Year: 2019

What You Missed In Gaming News

Minecraft is getting the long awaited BedRock update, this will allow it to also accumulate xbox live achievements. for those of you that don’t know, Minecraft came out with an update called the better together edition that allows everyone, from any console, to play in the same world together. When the switch’s online program hits […]

The Mobile Betting

Mobile betting! The significance of mobile betting and its impact on our industry is this week’s big story To understand the importance of mobile betting consider this: Online gambling has been regulated in just five states since 2013, while sports betting has been regulated in nearly twenty states and barely over a year. I recommend […]

Video Game Magazines – Angry Video Game Nerd

They were filled with AWESOME stuff: previews for upcoming games, new consoles, walkthroughs, codes, and reviews. In the past, I’ve talked about Nintendo Power, so it’s about time I talk about the others. Some were about the brands and the consoles like: Atari Age, but others were more generic, like: Game Pro and Electronic Gaming […]

The Top 10 Esports Beefs

What’s up guys, my name is Colin McNeil for theScore esports. A great man once posed the question, what’s beef? Well to answer it, beef is when two people or organizations have an on-going, mutually disrespectful relationship. So for this Top 10, we scoured the esports landscape. From Halo to League of Legends to find […]

Dogs in Video Games

So the other day I was playing The Last Of Us and I got to the part with Tommy and I encountered this cute little pooch So I says to myself, I says… I says “who’s the pooch?” Turns out Billy Joe was thinking the same thing cuz he pulled a button prompt out of […]