FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game – Tutorial Series Part 2


FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game – Tutorial Series Part 2

Ok so let's take a look at how the Forwards power works. You can see that Barret here has 6000. What it means is that he has 6000 attack and 6000 defense, both work separately. For instance, if Barret takes 4000 damage, his defense will be down to 2000 but his attack will still be 6000. If I choose to attack Kageyama-san with Barret like so, he has two choices. He can either choose not to block at all and take one point damage, flip a card, and put it in the Damage Zone or choose to block.

So, what would you like to do? Ok, I choose block and, this one. Block it.

As you can see, he just blocked with his samourai. Both cards are of equal power, 6000 each so both are gonna be defeated and put in the Break Zone. But, in this particular situation, I have a Backup which is really interesting here. As we said, some of the Backups have abilities too and this one gives each Earth Forward I control + 1000. This means my Barret here is 7000 so if Kageyama-san blocks me with his samourai, he actually loses but Barret is still alive and still has 1000 defense left until the end of the turn.

Backups are not the only ones with abilities. Some Forwards have abilities too, we're gonna go through the most popular ones. Haste for instance, Haste allows you to attack the turn where you play a Forward so it's quite useful. For instance, I can discard a fire Backup, it gives me two Fire crystal points, I can play Tifa and since she has Haste, I can attack straight away and inflict one point damage. If you want to be very agressive that's the way to go. Ok, another ability is called First Strike.

Let's take Red XIII for instance. So I have Red XIII and Kageyama-san has a Forward called... "Delita" (laughs). Both Forwards are 5000 so in theory if I were to attack Kageyama-san... and block, both cards should be defeated and go in the Break Zone but, since Red XIII has First Strike, what it does is that it inflicts the damage first. So in this case I deal 5000 damage first. He doesn't have the time to hit back, and he's defeated.

This is First Strike. The third ability, which is very useful as well is called Brave. What Brave does is that normally when you attack with a Forward, you have to dull it meaning at the next turn, I won't be able to block with that Forward. Well, if it has Brave, I can attack without dulling so... I take it.

Kageyama-san takes 1 point damage and at his turn, if he chooses to attack me, I can block with my Samurai. Now we're gonna take a look at a player's turn. It's always made up of the same series of steps called "Phases". Let's take a look at this. So, the first phase is called the Active Phase and what it is essentially is that any card that was in a dull state, you can put back in active mode, like so.

Once the Active Phase is finished comes the Draw Phase and you're gonna draw two cards. Then, we're gonna begin Main Phase 1 and Main Phase 1 is a Phase during which you can play Characters or use special abilities. For instance, I can choose to discard one Tifa here which is gonna give me two fire crystal points and play a Backup in dull state. Once my Main Phase 1 is finished, we move on to the Attack Phase and I can choose to attack with any of the Forwards I have in play. For instance, I'm gonna attack Kageyama-san with Tifa. Ok I block it.

So, he chose to block with his Forward but he only has 5000 power so his Forward is destroyed and sent to the Break Zone. Once the Attack Phase is finished, I could to choose to attack with Samurai and Cloud of course. Each conlict is resolved individually. Once all the Attack Phase is finished we move on to Main Phase 2, and Main Phase 2 is the exact same thing as Main Phase 1 you can choose to play Characters or use special abilities, but it's a good phase because you can save your assets for after the attacks have happened.

Once Main Phase 2 is finished, we move on to the End Phase and it's Kageyama-san's turn, and we're gonna go through the same exact steps all over again. Let's see. Yes.

Active Phase. Draw Phase. Then Main Phase 1, he's generating two Earth Crystals by dulling the Backups and playing Barret, then we can move on to Attack Phase and resolve the conflicts.Then, second Main Phase.

I have no idea so it's your turn but... Oh, I can see yes 6 cards. 6 cards, that's not good. At the end of the turn, you can only have 5 cards in your hand. If you have more than that, you have to discard until there are only 5 cards left. And that is essentially a full player turn. Ok so we've just seen how a full player turn goes with the different Phases.

The cool thing is that there are actually a lot of moments where your opponent can interrupt your actions. We're just gonna show you a few examples. So, this is Kageyama-san's turn and he's gonna play a Forward. So that's Barret. You see he's dulling 3 Backups so that gives him 3 Earth Crystals and he can play Barret. I finished Main Phase 1, I can move to Attack Phase.

So yeah we're supposed to move to Kageyama-san's Attack Phase but before he does that, I can actually cast a Summon. And, I'm gonna dull my 3 Fire Backups to give me 3 Fire Crystals and I'm gonna cast Brynhildr on Barret, dealing 7000 damage and Barret is sent to the Break Zone. This is still Kageyama-san's turn and now we can move to his Attack Phase. Ok, I attack.

And attack with Vincent. Another example is, say this is still Kageyama-san's turn and we are at the beginning of Attack Phase and he's gonna attack me with Vincent. I can counter and dull my 3 Fire Backups and use Brynhildr to defend myself on Vincent and then he doesn't deal any damage and he doesn't kill Red XIII either. These are one of the few examples of counter moves and how your can interrupt your opponent's actions.

As you've seen in previous videos there are a lot of times where your opponent can interrupt your actions but that doesn't mean you can't find back and when you do so and play an ability in turn, it generates the stack. What the stack is is a pile of abilities which is gonna resolve from top to bottom. Which is, from the last card played, to the first card played and depending of the order of these cards the outcome can be very different. Let us give you a quick example, Kageyama-san is in his main phase, he's gonna play Golem which gives Barret + 2000. So, I'm gonna discard 1 Black Mage, giving me 2 Fire Crystals and I'm gonna dull a Backup giving me an extra so 3 Fire Crystals, to play Brynhildr. And this is your stack, here.

So, from top to bottom, Brynhildr is gonna occur first dealing 7000 damage to Barret before Golem applies so Barret dies. Another situation is, Kageyama-san has played Barret and he just finished his Main Phase. Ok I finish my Main Phase. Ok so before we move to Attack Phase, I can interrupt, or play an ability which I'm gonna do so I'm gonna do the same exact thing, discard a backup, 2 Fire Crystals, 3 Fire Crystals and play Brynhildr on Barret so technically he should die but... Kageyama-san can counter, pay 1 Earth Crystal (not Fire ^^) by dulling his Backup and use Golem. And you can see this time the Stack is inverted.

Golem applies first giving Barret + 2000 so making him 9000 and only then, Brynhildr deals 7000 damage which is no longer enough to kill Barret so it is sent to the Break Zone and Barret is still alive. That is the stack. Ok so it's time to tell you about a very cool feature of the game called EX burst. So as we've explained previously when you take one point damage, you have to flip a card over and put it in the Damage Zone. Let's see what's going on if that card happens to be an EX. We're during Kageyama-san's Attack Phase and he's gonna attack me with Barret.

Unfortunately, I already attacked during my turn with Red XIII, it is now in a dull state meaning I can't block with it. I don't have any Summons to counter either so I have to take one point damage. I flip a card over and ho ho surprise, it's an EX burst and what it does is, the ability of the card triggers instantly, I don't have to pay any cost for it and the best thing is that it can't be blocked. So yes, I take one point damage but at the same time Barret is sent to the Break Zone because I just dealt 7000 damage to him.

So you see, EX burst is a very cool way to reverse the odds during the game.